say you'll be my messiah

Sziget Festival 2014 (c) Matteo Scalet



all of your flaws and all of my flaws
when they have been exhumed
we'll see that we need them to be who we are
without them we'd be doomed

Alex Turner being the adorable little puppy he is (◡‿◡✿)

i realised the reason why i always get incredibly sad on my birthday is it’s yet another year that i’m alive - or to put it more optimistically - yet another year that was more or less wasted for nothing

Status, Natasha?

the ultimate music challenge - [2/5] bands: BASTILLE

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And all you want to do is walk,
it’s all you want to do, do, do
This is how the summer ends

clara oswald | listen

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ok um so there’s this guy who’s an year older than me and i’ve known him since the 8th grade but we basically bump into each other once a year and he sent me a bday wish and then added he had a dream about me and i asked him what it had been about and

he dreamt of my left boob showing under my shirt. and then us laughing about the situation. and then the dream ‘went into a totally different direction’. ok.

all i wanna talk about is bastille and twin peaks and tbh no one is yet accustomed to me being obsessed with something other than arctic monkeys

Most Memorable Elevator Ride:
What’s better than nine minutes in a room with Benedict Cumberbatch talking London, movies, exhaustion and Alan Turing? How about continuing that conversation in the hotel’s elevator for another few?
While I had the pleasure of being just one of the many journalists scheduled to speak to the star about his upcoming film The Imitation Game, I also happened to be the final interview after a long day’s junketing. Though clearly worn out from travel and from talking, the actor couldn’t have been kinder or more effusive in his passion for Turing’s life and legacy even going so far as adding a few minutes to the interview so we could continue.
Once the cameras stopped rolling, we continued talking about a fabulous Turing exhibition we’d both seen in London last year, before he moved on to apologize for the “positively arctic” temperature of the room (the only thing keeping him awake). I hadn’t even noticed. Then on with his jacket and hat, he practically sprinted to the elevators in a bid to get back to his hotel for some much needed R&R (he didn’t even wait for his publicist), stopping only to say hello to Keira Knightley’s other half and wish her well for the rest of the day.
Realizing we were headed the same way he was and weren’t moving as quickly (damn heels), he held the elevator for us – giving his publicist time to catch up too, poor woman and giving us a few more minutes with one of the nicest guys in the biz. Our only regret? We only had 3 floors to go. — (via londongypsy)

Mr. Charming :)

Alex and his comb: A love story.

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Watching: Twin Peaks // Doctor Who
Reading: Submarine
Listening to: Bastille // Kasabian

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